Hi all, I have a Windows Server 2003 domain with a single Exchange 2007 SP1 email server and an ISA 2006 SP1 front-end firewall.

All kinds of phones (ATT Tilt, All Windows Mobile 6, 6.1, and 6.5, IPhone, ect.)sync with the Exchange server except the Palm Pre. If I bypass the ISA firewall, the Pre will sync all the data. Go figure.

I have a GoDaddy SSL on the ISA and Exchange server. SSL is enabled on the Web access rule. I have tried all manner of access rules and authentication. No sync. The phone will attach and authenticate but the email, contacts and so forth do not come through. Curiously, the folders download but no contents.

This has been elevated up the ladder at Sprint and Palm tech support and they don't have a solution.