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    Ok - I really like this phone, but I need this problem fixed yesterday...

    I have set up the EAS on my Pre and Contacts and email syncs. But nothing came down from the calendar. If I add an event on the pre, it makes it up to the EAS server, but if I add to my PC/Outlook, it never makes it to the Pre. We're running Exchanges Server 2003 SP2.

    Palm finally told me it is a problem in the SW and they are working to fix it, but do not have a date. Asked me to be patient. How did Palm not know that the Calendar is the most important part of a PDA?

    Anyway... I have changed the phone, deleted and reinstalled etc. I cannot make it work.

    It works fine on my Iphone, Nokia (mail for Exchange and Roadsync) and my Windozzzzz device.

    This is killing me!!!!!!!!!!!

    Anyone have any ideas???
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    ...same boat, Nick. I told 'em I was using PocketMirror and that was the end of our conversation.
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    I have what sounds like the same problem. We use SBS 2003 SP2. I've set up my Pre to sync through EAS. If I enter an appointment in the Pre, it shows up in Outlook. If I enter in Outlook, it doesn't show up on the Pre. If I delete an entry from Outlook which was originally entered from my Pre, it syncs and deletes.

    A difference in my experience is that I had the same problem with RoadSync, and Nokia's application on my N95.

    Nokia and Palm Tech Support say it is a problem with my Calendar on Exchange. My IT person can't figure out what the problem is. I've tried deleting all of my Calendar entries from my Exchange mailbox and experimenting with fresh entries but had the same result.

    Sorry that I don't have a solution.

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