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    I couldn't find a direct answer, so sorry for adding another gmail thread.

    I use the gtalk to talk to a few people and had my contacts synced via gmail because when I switched phones I uploaded them from my old BB. A few questions.

    Can I be signed into Gmail to talk on gtalk and receive my push email, but not have the contacts from gmail sync to my phone? Also, is there a settings for the gmail syncing?

    I saw that I can change the default contacts to Pre. Will this be ideal for my situation? I just don't want all the new emails I end up emailing to show up in my contacts list on my phone. nor do I want it syncing and wasting my battery life.

    Thanks in advance.
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    No love on this? Can't I be logged into google talk and not have my gmail contacts sync? Ideally this is what I want.

    To be logged into email, gtalk, but not the contact profile. Possible?
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    Two options for you man.

    1) Remove GMail Contacts from your phone

    Open the contacts app and go to preferences/accounts. Remove the Google Account. Fear not, it will not delete your Gmail account from the Email app. However, you won't be able to use your GMail contacts when sending emails (since they won't be on the phone).

    If you figure out how to get your Contacts into the Palm Profile then you'll be good. I can't help you with that. I've done nothing with the Palm Profile since I chose my username at the Sprint Store on launch day.

    2) Use my GMail Contacts Syncing Workaround

    I wrote up a work around for the Google Contacts problem that limits syncing to the "My Contacts" group. I posted it in the Pre forum on launch day. You can probably find it by searching for Nuevasync.

    Here's a link to the same info on my blog: Palm Pre Clean Google Contacts Workaround

    Should only take you a few minutes to implement.

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