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    When I forward an email with attachments to someone using my Pre on the EAS, the email goes through but it doesn't include any of the original attachments. As a matter of fact it doesn't even include the body of the emails either.

    Can anyone replicate this problem?
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    they still need to fix email. This should be an option to send from server.

    My guess is we need to download to our Pre the attachments then forward.
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    Here is how to forward attachments with the Palm Pre. Before you hit the forward button to forward the email, you must select the attachment in the original email so that your phone "downloads" it. Once you select the attachment, a loading bar appears and shows you when the file has completely downloaded to your phone. After this is completed, then complete your forward as normal. If you are forwarding an attachment that your phone does not recognize, this method appears to still work, but you will not be able to "open" the file on your phone after it has been downloaded as your phone may not have a program that recognizes the file.

    If you are still having trouble, you can log in directly to your email client through the web interface, and forward it that way. So if your account is hotmail, go to from your web browser. Good Luck!!

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    Any update on this? I was out on the beach last week and none of the recipients received any attachments from my email I *did* have to go through webmail, which was slower.. >.<

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