Hello, let me first say that I've spent the last 3 days reading this and other forums trying to resolve my sync issue to no avail. I work for a large global organization so our Exchange environment is somewhat complex. I have not gotten past the setup for EAS on my PRE; after entering my credentials I get the, "Unable to validate account settings. Please check the settings and try again." I cannot get past this, and it returns this error almost instantly, so I'm not sure it's hitting any server to check credentials?

My IT dept sent me an email saying that Activesync has been enabled on my account and use the following settings (I've removed the specifics for security purposes):

server: as.mydomain.com
domain: ad.mydomain.countycode
account username: my username
account password: my password
email address: my email address
security: use SSL / HTTPS / port 443

On my PRE, I'm setting up my account as EAS and using SSL (https in the server address).

Some other info...I cannot access my email via OWA using the PRE's browser, I get the initial login screen, then when I enter my credentials I get pushed to another screen w/ an HTTP 403.1 - Forbidden error. I'm not sure of the architecture of this environment...to access OWA, I go to one site which then pushes me to a Metagate frontend for authentication.

I've downloaded the SSL cert from my OWA page using my laptop and put it on my PRE via USB sync and used the Cert Mgr to install the cert. The cert is a root level cert (I believe...it's the top-level cert on the OWA page) and is valid through 2015. And the CN on the cert is not the same as the server name given to me by my IT group...I've tried using both the name given to me and the CN on the cert with the same outcome; the error listed above.

The PRE is not supported yet by my IT group, so I'm somewhat on my own here...my colleagues all use iPhones which are supported and working fine.

I'm not sure what else to try and I really don't want to return the PRE. Thanks for any suggestions.