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    Hey guys,

    Not sure if anyone else read through the madness that was the Sprint/Palm Pre Facebook discussion. It seemed like they got a little overwhelmed with all the posts they received, but I guess it is to be expected given the level of silence they maintain.

    That being said, did anyone catch anything in their replies that points to any "new" information we haven't seen before? Almost everything I saw was "we're looking into it" or "possible in the future". It was good to hear that they're definitely looking to add visual voicemail but a time frame would have been even better. I'm hoping they'll post a more organized collection of responses though...
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    No new information at all. Pretty pathetic if you asked me.
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    Yeah. Not new info. Apple; verizon, at&t fanatics are arrogant & stupid. No concept on how cellular service works. How can 1 person say 'sprint suxs at&t rules' if they don't get 5 bars inside of their house. I can't even.... ARUGH!!!!
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    Yeah I just read through the whole thing and it was pretty bad. But they did seem to indicate that visual voicemail is under heavy consideration-- which is great. It would have been nice if they had provided some more concrete info but that rarely happens in those types of discussions. Customization of SMS/MMS and other alerts also seems to be something that is forthcoming in a future update.
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    Hopefully they will make enough money in short order to pay the fees to get visual voicemail that would be nice.
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    Yea I know they can't talk much about third party apps either, since they aren't the ones developing them, but they've been so silent about how that process works. They could have at least said "we have X number of approved developers and plan to approve new ones at Y rate", or something! They should really do a better job at capitalizing on having such a large audience hungry for news, otherwise they loose momentum in the world of online "buzz".
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    The three minutes I used over at facebook was a complete waste of my life. It's like having a question and answer session at a sold out Yankee Stadium with only one person answering (more like not answering) the questions.

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