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    For those who have experienced the PAIN AND SUFFERING of being away from their data, you know how I feel and why IMHO this deserved its own thread.

    Yesterday, while I was out IT loaded a new GoDaddy certificate on the server. Set up my account today and BAMN - EAS working perfectly!

    My self-signed cert nightmares appear to be OVA!!

    I really hope Palm hurries and gets this fixed for people. This changes everything. Now I can get Google calendar in the mix and face the nightmare of trying to manage facebook contacts. I had held off of a manual sync because I want to give synergy a chance. Now I actually know where I'm supposed to be at 10:30.

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    Just curious, what is it that Palm should have done better in your case, if the problem ended up fixed by correcting a certificate issue on the server side?

    Anyway congrats!
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    Palm has several EAS issues to address. Mine was regarding the protocol to accept self-signed certificates which MANY businesses use. There are others regarding PIN, Exchange Server 2003 security policies, etc. If Palm were designing the Pre to have LESS functionality than the Centro on purpose, they needed to spell that out more clearly.
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    It's working for YOU. Topic title is misleading.
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    Quote Originally Posted by storino03 View Post
    It's working for YOU. Topic title is misleading.
    Sorry. I ASSuMEd that folks would get that unless I announced a OTA update. No desire to frustrate folks further.
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    Quote Originally Posted by realistdreamer View Post
    Palm has several EAS issues to address. Mine was regarding the protocol to accept self-signed certificates which MANY businesses use.
    I read most all of the EAS threads and have yet to figure out exactly why people think this issue of self signed certs is somehow caused by Palm.

    Can you be more specific about 'the protocol to accept self-signed certificates'?

    What protocol are you referring to?

    If the certificates were created correctly and installed correctly to begin with. I just don't understand how the Pre could even tell the difference between a self-signed cert and a one created by a retail Certificate Authority like Entrust or Verisign.
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    I'm glad you got it going. I think Palm definitely has some issues to correct. I tried setting up a self-signed certificate, and I know I did it correctly. The error was that the Pre only recognized one name on the cert, and MS's certificate generator used both the AD name of the server, and the public CN (as well as some other aliases that the system used). Palm needs to fix this.

    However, my "fix" was to get a public certificate. It was free, and it worked. It sounds like Palm's shortcoming is going to cause a lot of folks (those that are interested, anyway) to take a closer look at the way they're handling their security.

    I think that's a good thing; however, Palm still needs to fix the problems on their existing support, and hopefully add more security features in an update soon.

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