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    I have a Google contact that I imported into Google/GMail from my old Palm Desktop database. The record came down to my Pre no problem. I even got the contact's picture from the Palm Desktop file. That said, I can't add a phone number to this contact on my Pre.

    I select the "edit" option when viewing the contact and can then add the number. I then click "done" and I see the new number on the "read-only" view of that contact...and then one or two seconds later, poof, the new number disappears. It's almost as if the record is being overwritten with the version on Google.

    I have checked the contact on Google and the new number is not there either. This is *incredibly* frustrating.

    Has anyone else experienced this issue...or can anyone point me to another thread? Search has failed me.

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    No one else?
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    I am having the same problem i have found that some edits work and others don't. I think any contact that i add to my phone that was not moved from my old plam desktop will edit ok and I THINK if i edit the contact on google then i can later edit on the pre but have not yet tried enough to verify this.

    If you find an answer please post it.
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    Okay, thanks for the response.
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    Yes. I just had this happen to me today also.

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