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    Hello All,
    I have been loving my new Pre as well as all the info from the forums! I just wanted to get your opinions on not deleting mail out of the Inbox ona gmail account. For years I have just left everything in my inbox. On my Pre I just have it set to grab the last three days of email. Is there any downside? I hear people talking about archiving messages with the folder association workaround and such but what would I gain by doing that? Do the email app open faster with less mail? Will it keep my mail from now to eternity (3 days at a time) on the pre and eat up my memory? please help me understand
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    From my understanding, if you set the phone to get mail from the last 3 days, any mail that is older than 3 days simply wont appear on the phone. It is still in your Gmail inbox (when you log into it via a web browser) though, so it is not being deleted.

    Since you keep all the email in the inbox, then archiving them doesn't make any difference.
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