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    Gmail beefs up its contact manager

    Google's contact manager for Gmail has left a lot to be desired for a long time. For once thing, up until recently it didn't have fields for birth dates, web sites, or other information that might be stored in your other address books. But today Google added support for birthday and website information.

    Now when you import contacts in CSV format from Outlook, Outlook Express, Hotmail, or Yahoo, or vCard format from OS X address book, the additional information should be copied over correctly. Google added these features to its standalone contact manager a while back, but the integration with Gmail is a welcome addition.

    Of course, if you've already imported a few thousand contacts from your Outlook Address book, you're out of luck unless you want to delete all of your Gmail contacts and start again from scratch.
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    But it don't import birthdays into the calendar
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    Quote Originally Posted by OneDeep View Post
    But it don't import birthdays into the calendar
    have you checked, since gmail has updated this? I have not.

    I was just sharing information.

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