Have run up against a couple of issues, one I can get around, the other is just odd to say the least. Like others, after installing a purchased SSL certificate, which is correct, the phones (6 of them) were able to connect however were only pulling the Outbox over, no other folders were showing up. The temporary fix was to go back to the server and turn off SSL being required, which allows the phones to work (OWA clients are still being pushed to the HTTPS site). Not perfect, but fine until Palm patches this.

But has anyone run up against this one? We were noticing that the phones weren't pulling in all emails, only some of them. After further examination today, I realized what is going on. Only the emails that arrive during what each user has marked as their business day in their calendars are syncing. If I change a business day to 12 AM to 12 AM on a phone, all the emails come through. If I change it to 8 AM to 5 PM, nothing that comes in out of that time block will sync. I had all of the users change their phones to 12 - 12, which for calendar purposes stinks, but at least now all emails are showing up. I'm almost positive that this isn't server related, it has to be a Palm software issue, as no other phone in the past has ever had an issue connecting to our Exchange server (2003 SP2). And any other email account on the phone that is non EAS does not seem to be affected by this, only the Exchange accounts.