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    My business partner and i have shared calendars and currently have to manually sync them when we want to see what the other person changed on the calendar . Is there any way for that to happen automatically or is there a way to schedule syncing like you set up outlook to check for new e-mails every so many minutes.
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    I have been using Google Sync to keep GMail and Calendar updated with my appointments in Outlook. Google Sync runs on my laptop where Outlook 2003 is running.

    When I setup the Gmail account in the Pre, it synced with Gmail and I turned on Google Calendar...wham! All my appointment from Outlook arrived, automatically.

    Google Sync, on the Windows Laptop/Desktop and Google Calendar account is all you need.

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    It worked like that for me also. Just right now i have to manually sync when my business partner changes something on his calendar to see it on my Pre and was wondering if there was a way to set-up to automatically sync.
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