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    Quote Originally Posted by MariMar View Post
    If you are not having a problem with the Updates App, then resetting is probably not neccessary.
    If that's all it's for, then I'm good. I do receive updates.
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    Please note that if you do this, you do have to reset a lot of settings, put in your wifi passwords, redo ringtone and backgrounds, re-arrange your launcher icons, sign back in to every app, etc. It only took me about 15 minutes to redo all that, but YMMV.
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    Well mine wasn't verifed when I first got it due to the fact that the sprint rep that set my phone up typed in the wrong email address on it. I've since then got it set up and verifed.
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    Followed the instructions and it worked! Thanks - Lorane
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    Quote Originally Posted by BMIC50 View Post
    I finally verified my Palm Profile last night, but it still shows on my Pre that I havent.
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    My phone has been unverified on the handset all along and today I switched to a new phone number in which you have to basically restore factory resets to the phone. Once I selected language, it asked for my palm profile name and password. It restored most of my things, so I guess having it say that it is not verified on the handset means nothing.
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    I must be verified, as when I put in my password I'm taken directly to my profile.
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    Works Great! Thanks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fwinst View Post
    I must be verified, as when I put in my password I'm taken directly to my profile.
    Same here. Never explicitly indicated if I was/was not verified.
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    For some reason I can't visit the preprofile URL in the OP it just hangs connecting to My pre says unverified but I'm not aware of that causing any problems.
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    Quote Originally Posted by skinneejay View Post
    Its strange. I just wonder if it has any effect on the phone at all. Probably just another bug found.

    @gabbott my resend verification email doesn't do anything either.
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    Hmmm I'm pretty sure I got the verification email at launch and got it through my Pre because it was the first Gmail account I added to the phone.
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    Says verified online.. Doesn't say anything on the Pre under that screen. I am assuming I am verified in both locations?
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    Quote Originally Posted by hikerpa View Post
    The instructions by MariMar also verified my Palm Profile for me. I did not lose anything on my end. YMMV. I followed the instructions exactly as shown and my Palm now shows as verified.
    I lost my background, contact list and it would not restore any of it....

    But i'm verified now...

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