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I won't even get into the features that I feel SHOULD be there (like mark all as read, quick email keyword searching, etc.)

But the way its set up right now is simply unacceptable. It is way too buggy.

Like for instance, I was using my phone last night. Then i went to bed at 12:30am.

When I woke up this morning, I had no emails from 12:30am till about a 7:20am email, along with two more after that. I received 14 emails inbetween that are sitting in my inbox on the exchange server. Never got synced to the device.

Then occasionally when I read emails on the device (and mark it as read)... if say 20-30 minutes down the road I eventually lose service temporarially (like going underground)... when I get service back those emails come back up as new again.

In this particular case, I can't even delete those emails from 7:20am and 7:30am. When I go to delete them on the device, they come back 5 minutes later as new! So I went to the server and deleted them off the server. Then I deleted them off the device. Well guess what... they still come back on the device!

Still no word on my emails from 12:30 to 7:20am. I am also missing some emails from 7:20am onward. Only have about half of them.

I sure hope Palm is planning on fixing this. And fast. And I am the exchange administrator! It's definitely not my server as every single other smartphone in the world works perfectly on it.

I dont think it's my device either because my wife's Pre was doing the same thing (when I synced my mailbox to hers as well).

With that said, I also sync a second exchange account on a different server and have no problem with that one. But the one that I am having a problem with is an Exchange 2003 server and the one that works fine is Exchange 2007. I wonder if that is making a difference.

I will probably call Palm today about this. I could reset the device (again)... but come on. The last time I did that it didn't even help. I eventually got it working again by physically moving my exchange mailbox from one server to another. That is not a fix!

I love this device otherwise. Palm: FIX THIS!!!!
I too had no emails on my Pre Exchange account this morning but when I went to the the exchange server online I had several unread emails. What's happening here? I just had to delete the exchange account on my Pre and reinstall it. Now I have all my updated emails.