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    I'd love to use the hardware that the Pre has. Currently I've got a Treo 755p, which is pretty nice. I'd love to have WIFI, GPS, and a decent camera. But I've got to wonder about the wisdom of making the transition. For one thing, who makes a smart phone these days that can't record video? But mostly, why, why, why, why, why would they remove the standard desktop sync'ing? I actually do have a Facebook account and a Google Calendar's account, but I hardly ever use either of them. I refuse to use Outlook. (Don't try and tell me I'm the only one!) Synergy is a great idea, and I'm sure it will grow on me. But my primary repository of contacts and schedules IS my smart phone. And I want to back it up. Sync'ing to Facebook and Google is virtually useless to me. How hard could it have been to include a Desktop sync? What hubris to remove that in the belief that the new paradigm will work for everyone! Give people the fancy new tools, sure, but don't take away the things that already work!
    How long do you think it will be before Palm comes out with an updated version? And is there any chance they'll put Hotsync back in it?

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    I think Palm left it up to 3rd party developers to create desktop syncing solutions. You can find one option here:

    So far its only compatible with MAC but a PC version will be available soon.
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    I don't think video recordingis far off. The hardware is capable. you can tell from the camera app that it's really barebone and will prob be updated via software as well. Remember that this is both new hardware AND a brand new operating system. Palm has to weigh fuctionality wisely and opted for a bare initial release instead of one that has all the bells & whistle from the getgo that's full of bugs.

    as far as desktop syncing i've been using the missing sync from mark/space which syncs over wifi. pretty slick!
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    According to Rick Thorp at MissingLink there is currently no support to sync Memo & Tasks in the windows version. CompanionLink for Google says they current support Tasks and are working on Memos Sync CRM and PIM data with iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Palm OS and Google - CompanionLink Software
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    Thanks for the pointers to the sync'ing debacle. The certainly look interesting. Companion Sync in particular looks nice, since it (indirectly) addresses the other problem I forgot to complain about earlier: What about migration for existing PALM users? Admittedly, Companion Sync is a bit round-about, since you first sync Palm Desktop to Google, then Google to Pre. But I guess it would work... I thought the Pre was supposed to make things simpler, though.
    Frankly, I'm still shocked that PALM would put out a device that doesn't have desktop sync-ing. Not only is it a well-established and well-understood way to handle data, but it would provide an immediate migration path for loyal customers.
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    Instead of having your smartphone be your master repository of contacts and calendar data, why not have Google be that master source? You said you wanted the data backed up, so if you put all that data on Google then problem solved. (and like others mentioned, there are tools to do that)

    Important data (like contacts and appointments) belongs on the server, not the desktop. Both for data safety and for the fact that you can (usually) easily sync that data to multiple clients. (smartphones, PC's, etc) While it may be shocking to you that Palm didn't include a way to desktop sync the Pre out of the box, keep in mind that you Palm OS faithful are the only ones still doing that. The rest of us are dragging you kicking and screaming into 2005.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dthomson View Post
    why, why, why, why, why would they remove the standard desktop sync'ing?
    I think the reasoning for this is that many (perhaps most) people now store their contact information on the Internet (Gmail, Hotmail, Etc.) and/or on systems connected to the Internet (Exchange).

    Personally I find having my contacts/e-mail in the cloud extremely helpful. From any computer or any phone in the world I can have the info I need to get things done and stay in touch.
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    Because I don't really trust Google? Because Facebook is too promiscuous? (By which I mean I have lots of "face book friends" whose information I don't want to wade through every time I send an e-mail.)

    I'm pretty anal about backing up my desktop, and having the data in different physical locations (desktop and handheld) is nice, too.

    I may eventually move contact info to Google, or something like it. But right now I will get the Missing Sync, which became available before I was able to get my hands on a Pre, so I don't feel too bad about Palm not writing the software themselves. I haven't actually tried it, yet - wish me luck. :-)

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