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    Have you tried Google apps? I have been using it for months. After the initial setup (which was a tad challenging) it has worked FLAWLESSLY for me. I sync back and forth between my pre and outlook all day long
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    Does exactly what you say. Create appt on Pre, GCal, or Outlook and all three devices stay in sync (although it is not instant).

    I wish I had a similar solution for Contacts. (I can't get Google Contacts to sunc with Outlook. Pre to Google Contacts is fine).

    Some people report issues with reminders, and it doesn't support categories but is fine for my needs.

    I actually use Yahoo (rebranded email and ever since moving to Outlook 2010 I have not found a FREE solution to sync Pre Contacts <-> Yahoo Contacts <-> Outlook 2010. They say it is coming soon.

    And lastly, I wish Synergy would sync contacts to

    Quote Originally Posted by EStigall View Post
    I donk know if is just me, but can you create an event in your calendar on your pre and synergy will sync it all the way back to your Outlook? It seem to me that you will have to make all of you changes in Google or Outlook for all 3 to sync together...
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    Quote Originally Posted by onmymarc View Post
    Have you tried Google apps? I have been using it for months. After the initial setup (which was a tad challenging) it has worked FLAWLESSLY for me. I sync back and forth between my pre and outlook all day long
    I tried Google Apps with limited success. One problem I had was that if I sent an attachment from Word or Excel, it would send from my apps account regardless of the email address I selected in the drop down box. (My apps account is not my default or preferred account) I can't remember what I did, but there was something that I did with contacts or the calendar that would cause the apps sync to stop working properly. It always seemed like when I was trying to get things sorted out with the calendar, I always ended up with events in duplicate and triplicate. The final nail in the coffin for Outlook was when it lost IMAP functionality; it wouldn't receive mail unless I did a send/receive. Tried reinstalling Office and it didn't fix it. I don't really have anyway of knowing, but I suspected it was related to the apps sync. Went to T-bird after that and have been satisfied.
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    Google apps is not my default either, but it does send properly for me from excel and word. But my outlook does shut down frequently.. I dont know how i forgot to mention that when i chose the word FLAWLESSLY. Don't know what I was thinking. I'm pretty sure google apps is what shuts it down when it engages the sync. There are no solutions from what i can find, and i believe I'm not the only one with this prob. Other than that...satisfied enough to compensate for the fear of trying something new for now.
    I am actually starting to look at web based clients for contact mgmnt for my Real Estate business, maybe Zimbra? Was looking at Futombol, but they don't support Pre yet.. or by the looks of it the project, it may be way off
    Sorry couldn't help you more! Good luck.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MDsmartphone View Post
    is the zimbra desktop program free? does it also work with the yahoo and live calenders?

    these are all interesting alternatives to outlook- would appreciate more input from those that are using alternative sync methods.

    It is free for the desktop version. Since writing my first post I did some research and came up with this:

    If you want a simple turnkey solution that works out of the box, go with Zimbra. It works great as is and already has the features built in that you need.

    If you want a customizable solution and don't mind putting in some time and effort to get where you want to be, go with Thunderbird and the plug ins mentioned by an earlier poster.

    I voted for customizable and am now going forward with Thunderbird. It does take more effort to get to the desired point though.
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    Thunderbird does take some tinkering, but once I got it set, I haven't had to make any changes. I reformatted my computer a couple of weeks ago, and I have to say, T-bird was really quick and easy to transfer. I had to go find the profile folder, but once I found it and then put it back in after the reformat, it loaded my profile as if nothing ever happened. Emails, accounts settings, passwords and ad-ins were all there. It always took me much longer with Outlook after a reformat, messing with all of the .pst files and account settings.
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