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    Unlike others I use Facebook for only people I really know. This information about my friends is important to me, including their birthday's. It does not appear WebOS Synergy syncing with Facebook sync's these dates to my phone.

    Have I missed something?

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    Now that you mention it no calendar stuff has synergized to my pre from facebook either. In fact a new friend added to facebook hasn't synergized either. Which has me questioning if any new info that comes about in the cloud is getting or will get synergized to my pre.
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    Go to your contacts and go to Preferences and Accounts at the top Left. Then Tap Facebook. Enter your password. Then once that logs in it should begin to re-sync your account. My events show up in my calendar.
    I know its annoying but its an easy fix for now.
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    I rsvp'd for the Sprint Pre event tomorrow which should show up at 2pm on my calendar, but it shows up at 5pm. Does anyone else have the same issue? Timezone problem?
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    MY events are showing up 3 hours off as well, I have tried resyncing and had no luck. Anyone know how to fix this?
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    yes, the timezone is a problem. i posted a temporary fix in a dif thread
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    my contacts don't sync. I have added new friends on facebook but they don't show up on my pre even after clicking on facebook and logging in again and clicking the sync now button in the contact preferences.

    As for the calendar I see events now but no birthdays listed in calendar but are listed in contacts. Really should be listed in calendar.
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    i have the same problem, my contacts are not syncing with my facebook contacts.
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    I don't think Facebook ever syncs birthdays to any calendars.. The only way to get them into Google Calendar is to export them as an iCal file then import into Google. And then you can Sync that to your Pre.
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    Is the timeshift problem fixed in 1.3.1? This is really frustrating and a workaround is not good enough really.

    Not good enough as I want to sync ALL of my facebook, it makes my life easier. Not some here, some there, like contacts syncing but not calendar. The phone gets complicated this way, I bought it to be simple.
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