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    I have a hosted exchange account, and on the side for testing I have a Google Apps account. Google Apps work seamlessly with the Pre as does my hosted exchange, except for Notes and Tasks.

    Are Tasks dead? Google doesn't support them, they've lazily added a tasks option in Gmail which can't be synced...

    Are people still using tasks, or is the calendar where everything is?

    I use tasks, but I find myself piling them up because of how they are structured. I don't accomplish more having them, but I still feel the need to have it.

    Your constructive thoughts would be helpful.
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    I use tasks extensively, and don't know how one can manage one's time without them. I have no idea why Palm hasn't implemented task syncing yet, unless it's because Google didn't have dedicated tasks when the Pre was being developed. Now that Google has implemented such tasks (coincidentally very close to the Pre's release), perhaps Palm will implement task syncing.

    I don't use the calendar for tasks because other people view my calendar to see if I'm free for meetings. Cluttering up the calendar with tasks that aren't specifically time-based would make that use pretty much impossible. I do want timed alerts for tasks, or at least the ability to snooze them at specified intervals (something else the Pre lacks at this point), because I'd rather be reminded of tasks periodically even if I don't have the time to complete them at any given moment.

    In my mind, tasks are the Pre's most unfortunately limitation so far. I'm personally not concerned about notes because I use Evernote for note taking, and actually like having somewhere else to make quick notes that I won't need long-term. But I can't wait until Palm fleshes out the tasks app and allows syncing through both Google and EAS.
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