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    I don't yet have a Pre (waiting for the full discount next month) but I've been planning out how to sync my data.

    I've been researching to discover if my home network can be my "cloud" and came across EyeOS and was wondering if it would allow me to set up a personal cloud.

    eyeOS - Cloud Computing Operating System | Web Desktop - Web OS - Web Office - your files and applications everywhere

    It appears to be something like LogMeIn but I figured it could hurt to ask if it could be used as a means to sync a Pre.
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    Well, the cloud is just another way to say web based services. Running the EyeOS won't necessarily give you "the cloud" in the sense that it'll create something you can sync your Pre with.

    Personally, I think the best solution would be to either set up your own Exchange server, or pick up one of the third party programs that allow you to sync directly with your local PC.

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