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    Hi Brand new pre owner. This is my first attempt to really really get my calendar working in a phone. I tried to test out the sync program with Facebook and it's not working. Can anyone help?

    I uploaded a calendar program on FB, it's called 30 calendar or something.. I uploaded my friends birthdays for the test, and then syncronized with my FB, then synchronized the FB with the Pre and the birthdays aren't showing up.

    Please help, I really want this to work! Thanks!!
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    Not sure the synchronization to FB includes other applications. That FB app may not actually put things on your FB calendar, but may give you another one. I haven't used FB calendar hardly at all, but I did rsvp to an event that I was invited to on FB, and that event appears on my Pre. So try a test: go into FB, enter your Events application, create a new event, and see if it shows up.
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