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    So pre has completely transformed the way I blog. Here is an example of what happens:

    1. I snap a picture, and upload it to Flickr via e-mail. (Thai food after the waterpark on Flickr - Photo Sharing!)

    2. Since I used Flickr's upload to blog e-mail address, the photo is stored on flickr, and posted to my blog. (Thai food after the waterpark The Mind of Chris Jurado)

    3. The post is then pulled from my blog and shared with all my friends via Facebook! (Facebook can be setup to pull posts from any of your blogs)

    You can replicate this with a free account with flickr and facebook. Then you need a blog that is supported by both. I recommend wordpress... because it is free too!

    Very slick - and since the Pre is such a joy to use - making posts to my blog and sharing my posts with my friends is no longer a chore. The only way I can see this getting better is a native Wordpress app.... hrmmm.....
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    Flickr doesnt work with Squarespace......

    Good workflow for you though!!!

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