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    After I transferred my contacts and calendars from my Palm T5 handheld -- all the contacts, addresses, phone numbers, etc. were updated to the Palm Pre.

    For some reason the sync to google did not pick up the addresses from the Palm Pre. Google as it syncs to the Pre is deleting all the addresses in the pre. Ouch -- over 350 address that will have to be typed back in. For some reason the Name, Phone Number, and Email are syncing fine and not being deleted.

    Anyone else having the same sync problem (deleting addresses)?

    All my new contact entries (post pre) in google and pre are fine.


    PS I hope they have a quick fix for the battery problem! My pre will last about 12 hours before it needs to be recharged.

    Other than these bugs - extremely impressive.
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    Go to the buddies tab in your messaging and turn it to offline and turn the gps off if you are not using it at the moment as explained in the precentral article detailing how to make your battery last longer.
    I did this and I've experienced alot better battery life. Hope this helps some.
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    I have worked on the Google / Pre Sync Problem. Basically have a bug that will not let all the information in your pre sync to google contacts. The Google to Pre sync route is fine. I am just making all my changes in Google and then using the sync button when in Pre Contacts (upper left hand corner when in "contacts" - go to "preferences" - "sync now").

    To get my addresses back -- I open up the old Palm Access account and have been doing a copy and paste for each address over to the google account.

    I can image Pre has a ton of bugs to fix and they will eventually get to this Google Sync problem. We should also see something farily soon in the App Store for contacts.

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