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    My Pre automatically configured my email settings, and all I had to do was enter my email address and password, which was great. However, it didn't configure it to use SSL.

    As it turns out, in order for SSL to work properly on my account, I have to change both the server name and my username. The Pre allows me to change it for the outgoing settings, but not for incoming. I think this is a bug. Does anyone know how to get around this issue (without deleting the account)?

    There is a workaround, which is to delete the account, and re-add it with incorrect settings (invalid password, for example) so it takes you to the manual configuration screen. I'm feeling lazy and don't want to go that route since I have 3 accounts configured already.

    Any ideas? I'll add this to the bug list if it isn't there already.

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    I just read in the Palm support that you can go to manual setup direct from the account setup screen. So, no need to do the incorrect password stuff. Original question remains, though.
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    when you go to create a new account and are on the "Add An Account" screen, go to the "Email" menu in the top left corner and choose "Manual Setup." From there, you will be able to manually enter all the information, including the incoming information that you were asking about.
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    I want to be able to edit an existing account setup, not create a new one. I can edit everything except incoming server and username.

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