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    I've researched the forums but couldn't find a similar thread.

    If I want to share an outlook calendar (sync'd through an exchange server) with someone, but not the email (or even the contacts), is there some easy way to do it?

    It appears that adding the second exchange account adds the calendar, email, and contacts. Unlike what folks can do with gmail, it appears that one cannot selectively delete the email and contacts--deleting one deletes the entire exchange sync profile.

    I understand that I can sync an outlook calendar to google, etc., but I'm looking for a solution that keeps google or any other intermediary sync out of the algorithm. Thanks for any suggestions.
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    The only semi-solution I can think of is for the email---you can flag that exchange account as NOT being a favorite, and it will not show up with your others... they will still be on the main tab though, available.

    Contacts, not sure about that, because you can't hide certain sources.

    I guess you are in the extreme minority wanting this feature don't expect it anytime soon, unless it comes as a by-product of something else--for example, the ability to further control your Facebook contacts, and Gmail contacts, (My Contacts, etc.)
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    Thanks... re the favorites suggestion. Also, I can have the emails update only on manual (although this might mean that the calendar won't update automatically either).

    I do think the general solution is increased granularity of sync options with accounts.
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    Having this problem as well. Love the calendar on the Pre but using the pre separate from work and don't want email, contacts from my EAS account. Still would like the work EAS calendar on the device so I don't have to check the work BB for calendar when out with friends, wife, etc. Checked my Treo Pro and WM allows selection of sync categories - email, calendar, contacts, etc. separately. Hopefully this will be corrected in 1.1

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