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    I have put myself on the waiting list for a Pre, hopefully early this week. However, there is something I still don't understand if I can do or not, despite going through the forums. I am a physician in a 6 doctor group. When I am on call for a weekend, I typically get 15-20 patient calls for the people in my group. On my BB Curve I currently create a new Word document for the weekend, enter all the phone calls I get (when, who, what they wanted, what I did) and then Monday morning email the entire document out to everyone so they know what happened. Is there a way to do something similar with the Pre? I know I can't easily sync notes, but can I email them? I suppose I could create a new email every time I take a phone call, but that seems excessive. I looked into Evernote and downloaded it to my BlackBerry but it seems to be a lot more work to do this than what I am currently doing.
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    As far as I can tell, you can't attach a note from the Memo App (nor Evernote) to an email. However you can cut and paste the text from a Memo into a new email. Unfortunately, the Memo app has NO "undo" function, so one inadvertent key stroke or swipe, and you can lose the entire Memo (I've done that a few times already). Best bet would be when Docs To Go comes out with their full app, which I presume will allow email attachments. Don't know how long that will be though.

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