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    I do not have ssl certificate, when will they fix this
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    We can only hope they will allow Exchange without SSL in about 60 days
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    Days left on my 30 day window, I may have to get an iphone if no answer in the next 3 weeks
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    worse case you can create a new gmail account for your outlook/work account. then in the settings you can click on settings then | Get mail from other accounts | Then add an account you own
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    Terms, I am intetested
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    If it were up to me, I wouldn't want to sync to exchange externally w/o SSL. If your exchange admins have an ssl cert on the exchange server, you can d/l the cert and install it on your Pre.. that should get it to work.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tigerbird View Post
    I do not have ssl certificate, when will they fix this
    Are you trying to sync stand alone Outlook or Exchange? If stand alone, you'll need a third party solution, or GMail + third party solution.

    I chose to use GMail and CompanionLink, so I don't have to leave the pc on to sync to my contacts/calendars. Also, it allows me, my wife, and my mother to share calendars via Google, and sync them on our phones.

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