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    How do we reset our Palm Profile and erase our backup in Palm's server. I searched around... i thought the remote erase from Palm's website (which is btw a pretty dangerous procedure) would do this... but apparently it hard resets it (it can brick some phones) but when it restarts fresh it asks for your Palm Profile again and everything gets restored.

    I just want my online backup removed.
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    Just use a different e-mail address for your Palm profile, and it will create a new one - or call Palm to see if they can delete it.
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    Palm profile is for backup purpose. Nobody can edit the information there. it's helpful when you loose your phone or something..

    when you get a new one, you can just sign in to your profile again and have all your profile information back.

    but if you still want to delete it, go to www dot palm dot com forward slash palmprofile
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    i think i found it

    Go to the backup program... turn off automatic backup.

    It says it will stop creating backups AND erase the backup on your profile as well!

    Will try this in a bit.
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    You are correct Bulls. This is how I reset my phone after doing the DTA and then Chapura releasing their sync-ing program. I also did a Full Erase to get rid of all data on the phone and for it to be empty for a fresh sync of data.

    For more details search the forums for the latest Capura thread. I've posted in there about my whole procedure.

    edit - here's the link...
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