Hey all, nothing wrong with Evernote. Been using it for a few months now. I just happened to run out of my free space so starting looking at alternatives before coughing up the cash for a premier membership. Here's the current tactic I'm using for clipping web content/send notes from my Pre for later viewing:

(btw really only works this nicely because I'm a gmail user. Experience with other providers may vary)

1. A handy little trick with gmail is the ability to "alias" your email address for more refined filtering/labeling. If your email address is "foo@gmail.com" you could use aliases like "foo+subscriptions@gmail.com" or "foo+bank@gmail.com" etc.. for this particular exercise I decided to use "foo+review@gmail.com".

2. I created a new filter in gmail that filters out all email that comes in addressed to "foo+review@gmail.com", set it to skip the inbox, and apply a label called "Review Content".

3. I then added a new contact to my google contacts called "Web Clipper" with an email address of "foo+review@gmail.com"

4. I was using this setup even pre-pre and found it to work really well when going through my google reader feeds. Each item in the feed has a handy "email this" link at the bottom. When I click on said link I just type in "Web Clipper" and hit send. The contents of the feed will now be stored for future review in my "Review Content" label/folder.

5. With the pre this makes it really easy to send yourself web content/notes/whatever because contact "Web Clipper" will be synced to your phone. For instance, when browsing with the pre browser, you can click on the top left menu named "web" at any point, click on "page", then click on "Share". Starting typing "Web" and you'll see your "Web Clipper" contact. Send it off and it'll be waiting for you in your gmail "Review Content" label/folder.

Other things you can do is use this contact to send yourself notes from the pre via email... even photos. Don't get me wrong, Evernote rocks. Sometimes I find this solution more readily available from many of the Pre menus though. For faster access to your "Review Content" label/folder star the folder in your Pre email app. It'll show up at the top with your other favorites.