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    Well im am currently in the preocessof importing my current mail and contacts to gmail and checked the setting to have it import an new mail for the next 30 days BUT how do I have the settings for ANY email that comes to my hotmail directly sent to my gmail after 30days? Also where is the option in which when the email is sent from my hotmail to gmail it deletes it from my hotmail account? One more thing I have a "saved email" folder that I created on hotmail. Will this come with the import? Can I make a "saved email" folder on gmail? If so how..I can't find it?

    Any other tips for making this transition go a little smoother?
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    I would just go into my hotmail settings and select forward. You can forward all of your hotmail to gmail and as long as you log into hotmail every 120 days you will be able to keep you account.

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