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    Has anyone tried to use Oracle Calendar Sync on the Pre yet? I use this quite a bit on my Treo 700p and I'm concerned I won't be able to use it when I get a Pre.


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    Doesn't anyone else use Oracle Calendar? There must be some Palm users out there looking for a similar solution for the Pre...
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    Yah, I use it. Lots of college/universities use it. Right now I've been dumping week by week into a .csv file, then importing into google calendar. Not elegant, but works. The other problem is, if people update my calendar during the week, I might not get it.
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    I will look into it, if I find anything about Oracle Colab. Suite, I will send you a private note.
    Thank you
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    sorry for the late bump but anyone find a way?
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    Man, I remember when Oracle was a database company and had focus.

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