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    Does anyone have the problems I am having with Yahoo? I can get my emails the first time I make the new account, but every bit after that it tells me my password is wrong and just spams my notifications with "login credentials rejected" It then prompts me to change the mailbox setup. Can anyone help me?
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    Use Gmail as your outbound mail server..... (

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    I've been getting the same issue. Very annoying
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    I'm having zero problems with it....that's pretty weird. I have a yahoo plus account tho, maybe that's the difference.
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    i had forwarded my yahoo mail to my gmail acct & was having the same annoying login credential rejection issues. i saw someone mention in another thread that the issue was with passwords fewer than 8 characters long. i changed it & it's working fine now. could be a total coincidence, but couldn't hurt to try.
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    I changed mine to an 8 character + password and got rid of the errors as well.
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    I can't even setup my bellsouth account because it keeps giving me the login error and I have a 9 character password. It worked fine on the 755p
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    I am connected to my Yahoo mail with a sub-8 character password without issues.
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    I had the same problem. I just deleted the yahoo account and did it over again. Since then it hasn't been happening. Didn't change my password but it is 8 characters.
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    With my first Palm Pre, I did not have any issues with this at all using Yahoo Mail Plus and a less than 8 character password.

    My first Palm Pre crashed and burned on Monday.

    My second Palm Pre has been having issues with this, sometimes.

    It worked the first few hours just fine. Then I started getting the message that there was an error, I retyped the same exact password into the phone and it would work for a bit and then I'd get the error again later.

    I tried setting up the outgoing server the way Yahoo Mail plus recommends (the pre has its own default outgoing setup for yahoo for some reason).

    The Yahoo Mail Plus settings

    did not work either

    I have not yet tried changing my password, but may try that next.

    I've seen this issue in several other forums as well, doesn't seem like anyone has a good handle on it yet.
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    add this to the list of bugs... i have it too.

    but you have to keep in mind, i think the Pre is one of the first smartphones which let you have imap Yahoo mail without having to pay Yahoo for it... so i just deal with it.
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    Same problem with Yahoo Mail here. I noticed that it was performing flawlessly until Yesterday or the day before.

    It may be coincidental, but it started to happen soon after I loaded OS 1.04.
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    i had problems with yahoo - it did the same thing - all i did was deleted acct and start it up again - been working fine ever since
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    I have the same problems. Luckily for me, my Gmail account is my main account. That said, is does anyone know if this is a problem on Yahoo!'s end or Palm's?
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