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    I notice that flags sync perfectly (and almost immediately) between the Pre and my personal IMAP email account but don't sync in either direction with my work Exchange account. Does anyone know if this behavior is normal?
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    Palm are you listening!?
    I know you are busy but the depth of EAS features leaves something to be desired.

    Tip: Sit down with a power Windoze Mobile user and get them to show you all the configurations and how they use email and calendarings on their PDA. Then list the things the Pre can't do. Then send out the list and ask for a vote on all of the missing features. Then work in order of priority to fix them.

    I strongly believe that apart from the Windoze mobile platform Palm has a higher likelyhood of providing the best EAS integration outside of Windoze mobile.

    They run WM, they have better integration today on Treos and they are an innovative and OPEN company.

    C'mon Palm add another string to your bow, lead the way and claim the best non Windows EAS integration in the market. This will certainly attract many corporates
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    Palm are you listening!?
    I know you are busy but the depth of EAS features leaves something to be desired.
    I take it then that others are having the same problem with Exchange flags failing to sync in either direction? Do we know whether this is a bug or simply a feature that doesn't exist? I would assume it's supposed to sync, otherwise I don't see why they would have a flag option on the Pre for Exchange accounts.
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    I actually just noticed this today. I had not been using Flags too often, and mostly on mg Gmail accounts. I have done some testing and confirm your findings....That setting a flag in Exchange or on the Pre has absolutely no effect on the other platform. This has to be a bug/defect as it works flawlessly on gmail and other accounts. The whole purpose is to set a flag while reading at home/car/out of office and then to address those important items when you return to the office....I am submitting to Palm support to see what I can get...

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