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    Quote Originally Posted by iceburn68 View Post
    I think i'll go with this... i'm already used to my phone beeping for emails all day but i can live with just vibrate, plus the people around me will probably be thankful... call me crazy but is the vibrate loud? My Treo 700wx just vibrating can wake me up without any alert sound in the morning it is so loud...
    The vibrate is brief compared to what I'm used to. Not as loud by itself, either. Of course, the phone sitting on a hard surface will make a louder noise when it vibrates, but you can work around that. It's actually just enough notification when I'm awake, and doesn't bother me when I'm sleeping.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fatherwayne View Post
    There is not a way to tell the Pre its night time that I can find and I really miss this. I have long been a user of chatter and I am missing several of its functions. I miss being able to silence it at specific hours and being able to change the tones for specific email accounts (or being able to change the tones at all). The phone is amazing and I hope they will implement these features from chatter w/ future updates.
    I also miss this. I loved the customization on my BB Curve and this is one area I really wish the Pre had. I would like to have different tones for different email accounts vs. the text/mms sounds, etc. Perhaps it will come with a software upgrade down the road.
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