When I purchased my Pre, the Sprint sales associate synced my Treo 680 with the Pre and I thought all my contacts were transferred. Upon closer inspection, only A - G were transferred. I went back to the Sprint store and the sales rep told me that she had a "read me" from Sprint saying that if the contact list was large, the transfer might have to be done a second time and also that any contacts that were identified in the Treo 680 under other categories, might not be transferred. I didn't want the A - G contacts duplicated, so she cleared the Pre and resynced the two devices. This time all the contacts did make it EXCEPT the A- G contacts were duplicated and no contacts identified in my business category were transferred. Now to my question, Chapura has now released their Pre sync software with Outlook. My Treo 680 was synced with Outlook, but I am hesitant to run the software as I don't want to have duplicate contacts and go through having to delete the duplicates again. Do you have any insight as to how I can avoid contact duplication and how to get the business category transfer to my Pre?
Additionally, I have noticed that the notes that were attached to the contacts that were transfered, only the first line of each note was transfered. Please notice that I am talking about notes attached to a contact and NOT the seperate note application.