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    I've noticed a couple things that don't sync to your Palm Profile - really hoping they get added in the near future with a firmware update.

    1. Bookmarks in the web browser
    2. Alarms in the Clock app

    Anybody else have things to add? Also, does anyone know if 3rd party apps can add things to get sync'd to your Palm Profile or if that is limited to official Palm apps and 3rd parties have to implement their own backup solutions?
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    How do you know what got backed up via your palm profile?
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    By resetting your phone and reloading it from the Profile.
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    Here's a couple things I noticed don't get synced:

    Which calendars don't appear in "All" view
    Advanced Gestures
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    Also, e-mail signatures don't get backed up.
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    I am looking forward to a 3rd party (Palm will never do it) solution that backs up everything, all 8GB. Once up on their servers it can just upload anything that has changed etc...

    I am also hoping someone develops a server solution that we can attach to and store files, music, videos and pictures to that we can access from the Pre. I would like it to simply look like those files were on the Pre’s Flash memory and it could just DL what it needed.
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    Memos, Memos, Memos

    Just deleted an 8 yr old memo by hitting the wrong keystroke! There's no undo and they're not synced anywhere. Luckily, I still have my old Palm Desktop, so I can recover it, but, still.....

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