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    Just got my new pre. Works great!
    (if anyone wants to know.. i got the updated box w/ the yellow sides)
    (no problems... no light leakage or dead pixels)

    I had a question and wanted to get some clarification. I added gmail contacts to my phone and as with everyone else, and afterwards the huge contact list appeared.

    After seeing this I entered my friends numbers within the contacts manually through the pre.
    1) If i sync with google to update the contacts, will the numbers disappear?

    **The reason I ask is that on gmail contacts I do not have my friends numbers listed.

    Also if I decide I want to clean up my gmail contacts via gmail directly,
    2) Once that is completed and I re sync, will it delete the ones i have deleted via gmail?

    Please advise. Thank you!
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    Not sure about the delete part, but when I have added a contact in the phone and then synced to gmail, it added the contact to gmail. Hope that helps.
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    Hmm.. thanks for response. Doesnt answer my question
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    To add another question..

    Is it possible to merge your google contacts into the palm profile contacts?

    Not let synergy do it but actually put them into the palm profile contacts so when you delete your google account, you dont lose all the contacts..

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    I tried to go to my google contacts on my PC & delete the ones that are old or no good or that i dont want anymore & then synced w/my pre & they are still in my phone - so to answer your question: no i think they will stay on your pre

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