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    I am an attorney and my firm relies heavily on a client-management software called "Amicus." That software uses a calendar which I'd really like integrated on my Pre. Does anyone know if this is possible or will be in the future. Thanks in advance.
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    We are doing over the air sync with small business server 2003 and MS exchange via Outlook/Amicus sync. BUT I am hoping some enterprising developer sees the high value and niche (BIG niche) aspect of this.

    "Build it and it will sell"

    Amicus Attorney - Mobility - Practice Management Software

    If we are lucky Gavel is working on it, but somehow I think they have their hands full - so they might pay a license fee for someone who does it right.

    At $650 an ap and tens of thousands of corporate and individual customers I'd be looking into it, if I was a developer,

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