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    I get a notification of new email, this is a Pop account btw. It tells me I have 7 new messages, just a WAG, so when i go and check them i get the yield sign and exclamation mark in the upper right hand corner, i tap it and it says not yet updated: next update in 0 Mins total emails XX.... why do i get a notification that email is ready and then i get this stupid error.... TIA
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    I have the same problem. The yield sign seems to come and go. Did anyone find an answer to this?
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    I have been sitting on the exclaimation for about 2 days... today i think i has killed my battery, i have been getting an email notification every hour
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    I think this caused my previous problem of close-to-overheating. I rebooted my pre and nothing was opened and it was extremely warm. Whenever I get this error its like the pre continues to try to connect to the gmail servers and causes the phone to get really hot. Which would also affect the battery. Didn't have this error until 1.1.
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    I'm getting the same issues. I have 3 accounts set up on my Pre. 2 Gmail 1 Yahoo. My first gmail account is my general account and this is the one with major issues with the exclaimation point. The second gmail account is my private account and my yahoo one is for my fantasy league. I can get the 2nd and 3rd account to sync but my 1st account has not synced over 4 days.
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    I have the same problem with that any luck yet?
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    I deleted emails from hotmail and it fixed it

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