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    I'm sure it has been addressed somewhere before but a search wasn't helping me. It appears that I'm only able to receive notifications for both gmail and outlook on their respective inboxes... NO sub folders will generate alerts and, in fact, appear to even get a push.

    Is this intended behavior? Am I missing something crucial? Is it expected to be fixed at some point?

    I was rather hoping I wouldn't have to check my email via browser as much anymore before my phone would let me know whenever something shows up.

    Thank you for your help.
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    If you click on the star to the right of the IMAP folders it enables them in the inbox list. See if that makes alerts appear if you haven't tried it yet.
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    Sadly no. I still have to click on the folder to see if there's anything new.

    I set up a test with my gmail account filtering messages from myself to a label(sub folder). No dice. No notifications, nothing. Inbox works great though

    This is also the case with my exchange account. I have rules set up that filter messages on the server side as well as locally. The local ones will hit the inbox first before being pushed to a sub folder. The server side rules push the emails directly to the sub folders. I get alerts for pretty much anything that touches the inbox. Anything pushed directly to a sub folder I get nothing.

    What's up with smart folders? Would this have anything to do with it?
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    Sounds like it's "working as intended" in gmail. That's exactly how the Google Notifier works for me. Do you have your gmail filter(s) setup to both apply a label AND skip the inbox (archive it)? If so, turn off the latter and you will start getting notifications on your Pre.
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    Interesting. Yeah, all of my filters skip the inbox giving gmail more of a true folder like structure. It's nice being able to log in and see (read) counts next to my "folders" without sorting through everything in the inbox first.

    I'll turn off my auto-archive and see how well it works from a workflow standpoint.
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    Hmmm, you should still see unread counts next to your labels when you're logged in via your web browser even when all of those messages are in your inbox. (that's the beautiful thing about labels!)

    Now I just need to figure out why my archived messages aren't available on the Pre through the IMAP subfolders...
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    any updates on this, I'm in the same boat?
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    I'm definitely on board here.
    While I don't have my GMail skipping the inbox, My Notes over IMAPP emails do, and it requires me to manually open the folder to pull in any new emails.

    IMO this isn't valid behavior, and given my tinkering, it feels like a bug in the Pre's email processing.

    Unfortunately it, it doesn't look like there's any client facing (that's us) bug reporting available.
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    I too am hating this. I understand it (do we really want to sync spam and trash?) but ***? It would be nice if we could delay the auto-archive in gmail so that it would at least generate the notification on the phone, and then archive it to the proper 'folder'. In my experience, my pre keeps up pretty well with updating the delete and archive status of an email, but c'mon - I dont want to have to see all those emails in my inbox all the time, and then have to archive them all by having to select all those various labels. Talk about a waste of time!

    Anyone come up with workable solutions? The ultimate solution would allow notifications selectively by label, and disallow trash, spam, draft, and sent item notifications.
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    nothing makes it work and its very frustrating - i need labels to filter all the emails I get but the PRE wont even pull those emails to the phone without manually requesting it

    palm totally dropped the ball with this forcing us to sync with stupid google - i hate hate hate it!
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    It looks like there is a WAY to notify on other mailboxes, it would just have to be implemented by Palm. See this discussion on

    Notification for messages when "skip inbox" - GmailNotifier.Net
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    any one have anything new on this? I just got my pre last week and am kind of annoyed with the labels not automatically syncing.
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    Also fustrated at this point (after the most recent download). The folders I created on Hotmail do not pull over to the pre. Very annoying.
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    Unfortunately, clicking the star next to the folder only seems to add it to your Favorites. I would have expected that any folder in your favorites would be checked for new mail either via IMAP IDLE or the defined polling frequency but unfortunately, that does not seem to be the case.
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    I have seen many requests for this particular feature as I looked for how to do it myself. If you have not done so already I would go to Feedback & Feature Requests | Palm USA

    There seem to be many people who want/need this feature but they are spread across multiple threads/sites and therefore don't seem to be that large a group.
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    For exchange, I believe this a feature (or better yet, not a feature) of the activesync client for non WinMo phones. My friends who have an iPhone also have the same experience. I think this is also why the Pre exchange sync is so much more faster than WinMo sync since it doesn't sync all of the folders.

    With regard to Gmail, what I have done is enable the "labels" feature of gmail. Basically, you can setup which emails can be auto-labelled (i.e. personal, family, friends, work, custom-named labels, etc.). What this does is that all emails will still come into your general inbox and thereby be pushed to your inbox immediately upon delivery. Because the labels appear like sub-folders, you can still view these labels (boxes) and filter to only what is in the labels. (Gmail also has the ability to "move emails" directly to the same label, like an inbox, so be careful not to use this or you won't get those emails pushed to your inbox...only use the label feature). On your phone and on the gmail web client, you can access the individual "label"-type folders. I have found the label feature to provide me with the push feature that i need as well as the sub-folder like segregation.

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    The mail app only polls and alerts on Inbox. There's a patch that lets you manually check all folders, but nothing to have the mail app poll all of your favorite folders. Really defeats the purpose of using IMAP and even IDLE in the first place

    Until Palm addresses this, I have simply created another mail account that I forward anything important to before placing into folders on my IMAP server, and just don't filter there. Kinda sucks having to then mark things as read in folders on my other mail clients, but at least I get alerts this way.
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    Any updates on the status of the topic of this thread?
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    I had to modify my rules to where I moved a copy of e-mails to a specified folder. Granted my Inbox now requires a manual cleanup, but I'm not willing to return my phone now that I've fallen in love with it.

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