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    I have all the necessary information from my IMAP provider, but when I enter all the fields and press sign in I get an error message thats says unable to create account. This is straight from my email provider. It is a college account.

    Server Address:
    Account Name: Your school User Name (e.g., jennifer.smith)
    Account Password: Your school Network password.
    e-Mail Address: Your school e-mail address (e.g.,
    Incoming mail server port number: 993
    Outgoing mail server port number: 25
    Encryption Encryption (SSL) set to enabled

    Please help
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    First of all if you haven't already set up a PC with these settings I'd try it first on one, preferably in Outlook or some client that gives a lot of error messages to troubleshoot.

    If its working ok in that ask them if they have alternate IMAP settings or try POP. The Pre has been known to cause some people problems with some mail settings. Also if you can get incoming mail to work use a Google account for your SMTP settings. It will still say sent from your school address but use Gmail servers to send which are a lot more forgiving.

    If you get any error messages post them here so we can better help you.
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    One more thing....

    Are you sure the message your getting isn't "unable to validate account settings" because if you're getting that specific message then you are having a cert issue. And in that case trying logging into their webmail site with your Pre browser which a lot of the time will download the cert and allow the mail application to authenticate.

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