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    So, what exactly can Palm Profile do for me?

    I go to the web page and have the option to erase my phone. That seems to be it. I have no doubt that I'll need to do that someday, but is that it?

    When you use the Backup app on the phone, isn't it backing up to Palm Profile? Is there any way to get that data back to restore lost data? I nuked my calendar yesterday and lost ALL the data. Shouldn't I be able to restore lost data from Palm Profile, or is that only if the phone is entirely erased?

    And if you do have to do a "hard reset" and erase everything (or get a new phone, I guess), will the data be restored once you sign in on the first screen?

    Thanks to anyone who understands this.

    (I was able to restore with my old Palm Desktop calendar)
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    Yes the backup app does back up (automatically every day) your info to your Palm Profile (if that's where you told it to sync to). To restore it, I believe you just sign back into it on (or on your new device / if you hard reset) and it will restore all the backed up info, not including photos/music/etc.
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    DO you know if you can restore selectively, if you just lose data in one app?
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    I have limited knowledge of this because I just did it with Palm cust service last night. They 1st had me do a backup. Then a partial erase (which you will find in 'Device Info' under 'reset options' at the bottom of that page), which, according to them, erased all the PIM data - contacts, calendar, tasks - AS WELL AS 3rd party apps I had already installed. When the Pre restarted, the backup data from my Palm Profile was reloaded, including all the 3rd party apps. So far as I can tell, it restored everything that was there before. If I find anything missing today while I use the phone I'll be sure to post it here, but I'd really be surprised if anything didn't get restored. FWIW
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    Is there anyway to NOT use the data that is backed up?

    Like in iPhone I can delete a back and start fresh if I want?
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    I think the only thing it does not backup is Excel/Word files/ Pictures/Music/movies. The one thing I would like to know if anyone knows is does it restore Email settings and do you get your old text messages back?
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    where is this web site?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Felipe View Post
    where is this web site?
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    I have a lot of contacts that are pulled down from Facebook. Are those contacts backed up to the Palm Profile or is it only contacts that I manually enter into the phone?

    Also, is there a way to look at the data that has been backed up on the web somewhere?
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    Keeps your phone's data on a cloud up in the skies. And then when you need to restore a backup, little angels fly up to the clouds, grab your backup, and then fly back down and drop them into your phone. It's like magic.
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    How do I NOT USE the Palm Profile? I don't want it on my Pre.
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    Considering Palm was a real pioneer in syncing then its amazing how cruddy the mandatory Palm Profile is. If they don't want a desktop app then fine, but at least give a web interface for the data stored up there.

    I erased my palm profile and am just relying on google contacts/calendar. It offers the same backup for those two apps and is easier to manage.
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    I'm having problems with my Pre's camera, and after trying a number of things a Sprint rep suggested a full erase and restore. When logging back into my Palm Profile I got the message that there was no information to restore. I've got most of my contacts in Google and Facebook, but those that I created on my phone are gone. BTW, the camera still doesn't work, looks like a defective phone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by houstontexas04 View Post
    How do I NOT USE the Palm Profile? I don't want it on my Pre.
    Not an option.

    Sprint/Palm have really made no bones about this, and in every single advertisement I've seen, they put in the print at the bottom "Use of this device requires providing a valid email address,
    mobile phone number, and related information for account setup and activation." i.e. the Palm Profile.
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    At this time I am pretty neutral in my feelings about Palm Profile. I like the idea of being able to restore my phone or restore a new phone with all my settings and applications and what not. However, I am a little concerned that there appears to be no method by which I can view or control what data Palm has stored. I don't mind if Palm has the data about my settings and applications, but I am not very keen on Palm having my personal data such as my contacts, calendar info, bookmarks, etc. I would like to keep as much of my personal data off of Palm's servers. And as was previously stated in this thread, there are other methods for backing up personal data so there is really no reason Palm must have anyone's personal data (although having the option to back up personal data would be ideal -- actually, having the option to choose which data you want backed up to Palm's servers would be most ideal).

    Another interesting observation: In the Contacts Preferences & Accounts there is no option to delete the Palm Profile as a contact account. And when I select the Palm Profile account it shows that I have two contacts associated with the Palm Profile, but there is no way to know which contacts (and as someone eluded to previously in this thread -- are these the contacts that I have entered directly to my phone? And does this mean that the Palm Profile only backs up contact information that is directly entered into the phone?).

    Like I said -- I do not dislike Palm Profile at this point, however Palm needs to disclose a little more information about this operation and develop options to view the data being backed up as well as develop options to elect which data is being backed up.
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    I did a swap for a new phone with Best Buy. Email accounts restored beautifully. All texts were gone. All contacts had their pics as well, and the Memos restored.
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    Hey Guys If you dont want to use the palm profile just set the other accounts you setup on the phone as default instead of it..... I have had my phone stolen before and it was cool that it restored my apps and google restored my contacts.... Palm uses DOD certified servers to store palm profile info and are prohibited by law from useing this information >>>>> i hope that makes some of you feel safer... The idea of the Palm profile was to have a cheap and reliable war to back up data.... Most of the money for stuff like this is spent on interfaces witch in this case there are none this saves palm money witch in turn saves us money..... PEACE
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    Do your web bookmarks get backed up onto the Palm Profile?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jrsmith13 View Post
    Do your web bookmarks get backed up onto the Palm Profile?
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    How about a list of what is and isn't stored in your Palm Profile?

    - Contacts
    - Applications

    - Application settings
    - Pics, vids, & media in general
    - Calendar (or are only some people not having their calendar backed up?)
    - Memos
    - Tasks
    - Call log
    - Text messages
    - And, obviously, patches/homebrew

    Anything else?? Or did I mess a couple of those up?
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