OK so ive been getting this message prob 10x since Saturday...the phone seems fine and then all of a sudden...now i have to restart for a few mins n log back in...no a big problem but for sum reason i always lose half of my contacts..every time i have to re input N-Z names....so i saw that restartin might be caused by the battery not being connected and what not..
So i went to sprint to tell them the problem, sayin that i went online n saw that the reason why it doesnt work was the battery sumtimes would disconnect causing it to recharge...so the guy looks at me takes off the battery cover n says" nah battery seems fine"...i say ok....so now he says hes gonna give it to a tech to come back in an hr....so i come back an hr later to pick up phone n when i give guy receipt he says that i have to log into my palm profile, than i give it back n he gives it back to tech..now i wait for 20 mins while they do i dunno...the guy gives me back my phone n tells me that they did a hard reset but backed up my contacts so its ok...he than said" its a new phone, give it a few weeks"....i completely understand its a new phone n i must be patient, which i am...i just dont kno if this problem has been solved n all i need is a new battery, or if my phone is faulty, or maybe there is a software error? i dunno im lost in this case, n kno it happens to other people...should i just sit back n let it happen for a few weeks or should i call Palm to try n get it taken care of ASAP...nething guys?