Someone sent an email to me telling me to pay attetention to Smartermail & Smartertools. I'm not super tech savvy as I would like to be.... But why are there so many NEWS releases about sync software. Why don't some of these companies collaborate or at least does there need to be so many different choices like iphone store. I don't think we need 8 of every application and that Pre users need to control that before our options get out of control.

I'm suggesting some type of website/forum dedicated only to application review and maybe getting software programmers / customer relations department super active & involved.

Does this make sense? You know like some type of :-)

(example why I think this needs to be done... Did a search for PALM PRE BLOGS and was absurd the responses.. 4 good websites with Palm & Pre in the web name & no activity since CES.)

What do you think?