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    Didn't know this until today.

    Just go to the photo app and select preference and accounts. You can then login to facebook and photobucket.

    After that while viewing a pic just select upload.
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    Just set up a photobucket myself for this very reason... allows for very easy sharing of pics.

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    I also just found out about the photobucket thing today.

    Why are all of the account settings for the different first party apps so segregated? Why can't they have a master preferences menu?
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    Found out a couple days ago. Used it earlier today to display Asian font issues in Email app on this board.
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    I posted this in another topic somewhere. I hope they add Flickr and imageshack/tinypic.
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    Anyone get upload failed when they queue up pics?
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    I got upload failures for the first couple tries I did with the Facebook option. I tried again the next day just before I was about to open a thread on this subject, and it worked.

    I only learned about the Photobucket option yesterday, and that worked right away too. *thumbs up*
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    Hopefully they'll also add Picasa support (and, even better, a standalone Picasa app for the Pre).
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    Cool! I have a photobucket account. So it'll be nice to be able to take a pic, load it there, and post it here. Now...what kind of pics to bug you guys with.....HAHA!
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    It's very cool, but can't add text / captions to facebook pics before uploading.
    Not a big deal, but it would be nice.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eguy View Post
    I posted this in another topic somewhere. I hope they add Flickr and imageshack/tinypic.
    In the meantime I posted an alternate way to upload to flickr in this thread:
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    Thanks for the info! I knew about Facebook but was unaware of the photobucket option.
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    It seemed that my FB wouldn't load over the network, but it did when I switched to wifi. Is this the way Sprint is controlling things, like MP3s?
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    I don't think so. I upload all of mine over Sprint's network.

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