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    I access work mail from the road on a webmail site. I can access it using the Pre with the browser.

    My question, can I also put in the settings to the email program on the Pre to access it the same way?
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    Can you be more specific? If your only access to remote email is via a web based service and not some sort of email protocol that supports sending and receiving emails, like pop3, imap, Exchange, or MS AES then NO. You can't just point the email application to an and have it download to the client. You also would not be able to send emails without a supported send mail server or smtp server. (you could use a public smtp server but that's not going to help unless you have a way to receive the mail in the first place.
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    I will have to ask IT Dept at work.

    At office location it comes in through Microsoft's email program. But on the road they make us access it through a webmail page. I would like to have the same ability on the Pre's email program so I don't have to use the tiny web screen for email. (webmail page)
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    If you company supports access to an actual email server externally then you will be able to use the Pre.
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    This reply it to the WebOS Email client developer - Besides GMail and Yahoo-Mail, it would be nice if you could configure the built-in email program to 'shunt' over to the webmail's webpage. This way you can use what ever email option you have, even it it is actually served as a webpage, and still use the desktop's email button to do it.
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    To Noles315: Sorry about piggy-backing my post that way, but I think we're actually looking for the same thing: You click the phone's built-in email icon or open the email app to send an email from another app, say the contacts app, and the built-in email app would 'take' you the right mail system, whether it uses the built-in email system or your webmail's web-page in the browser.

    However, it would be really nice to be able to multiple email sources, and then, when more than one source has been configured, have the app prompt me for the one I want open. If only one address was configured, then the app wouldn't prompt, but instead simply open it.

    For aesthetics, I'd have each email account source defined with a 'display name', the current email server information or the URL of the webmail service, if the source is a webmail service. The ‘display names’ would then be shown in the list of email account choices when the user is prompted.

    One other possibility would be that webmail sources could have two URLs, one for reading email and the other composing messages and sending them, with the understanding that the composing/sending feature might not be supported by all webmail services. The composing/sending address would be used when the another app calls the email app, so the user would be able to skip the webmail site’s email list and begin creating the email immediately, provided the service supports this. If the service doesn’t then both URL could be the same or lacking a second URL the first would be assumed.


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