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    Just curious if I understood it incorrectly or if it's a known feature to be implemented in the future.

    Palm has been touting the Facebook integration with this phone since day one. Yet, all it seems to do is sync contacts and facebook events (which 98% of them are garbage). I seem to remember hearing that if we messaged someone on facebook, the messages would show up on the phone so you could 'continue' your conversation over the phone, or via sms, etc. I'm not sure if they were talking about facebook's messaging, or the IM chat, but neither seem to be incorporated. I would assume that the facebook IM chat should be implemented via FW update soon. It's disappointing that it isn't there from the get go.

    Was anyone else wondering about this, or was I misinformed?
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    I don't remember them ever mentioning that Facebook chat would be incorporated.
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    I thought it would do that with e-mails and SMS but didn't hear about FB chat...
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    yea.. a ful featured facebook app would be great...

    but if you go the actual site in the browser (don't click on the link) it's actually fully functional!!

    BUT a full true native facebook app would be nice. I think one should come out soon!
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    I assumed that from the Facebook media blitz that Sprint and Palm pursued they would have a native FB app at launch. The webapp isn't horrible but I'm looking forward to a native app.

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