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    ok two issues
    1 how to get all of my outlook contacts and tasks and memos to the pre

    i have tried the onetime the transfer but all of them did not come over
    i am especially having an issue with the Live contacts they will not sync over


    bellsouth email will not set up and i have no idea why

    any help at all??

    last id like to know what software is out there that will let me sync it with my desktop on a regular basis

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    Can't help with tasks & memos, but export your outlook contacts to a csv file, open it in Excel and play with it a bit, then save it as csv file again. Then import it into google contacts and the phone picks them up nicely. I used, but I guress you could do it through gmail too.

    I did have to play with my csv file in excel to get the headers imported the way I wanted and I used the concatenate command to stick the first and last name together into one field and the address stuff together into one field. It took some jigging about but relatively speaking it is OK.

    For email, I entered it by mistake without the .net, so the Pre didn't find it automatically, so I chose the manual entry option, not realizing my error and I put all the codes/settings in per the account in Outlook and all is fine.

    Good luck, I hope this helps.

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