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    sorry if this is an easy question, but i can't figure it out...

    when i sync (i use google calendar), the information that i put into google calendar does show up on my palm pre, however...

    when i input information directly into my pre handset, it does NOT show up in my google calendar. what am doing wrong?

    The information is syncing, but it is only going one-way (from google to handset) instead of 2-way.

    Also, what is the difference between using software like CompanionLink to sync google calendar and outlook vs. using Google calendar sync software. Do they both do the same thing?

    My goal is to enter info into either outlook, google, or the palm pre handset and have it show up in the other two applications. For some reason, I can't get information from my handset to the google calendar.
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    That is odd, I'm syncing both ways in Google flawlessly. I don't get new/deleted contacts from Facebook or AIM though.

    CompanionLink will sync Calendar, Contacts, and Tasks to Google. Google sync only does calendar.
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