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    I got a creepy vibe from my sprint store rep. when I was purchasing my Pre on Saturday. I was giving her the --I know much more about this phone than you, so don't try to teach me anything-- type of attitude She said something about needing to accept a TOS from palm and I said yeah I know all about the Palm Profile. She said no that's something else. Palm collects information about your activities on the Pre. It really reminded me of Google and made me feel like palm must have been really hiding this info because I read every small peace of news related to the Pre and never saw anything about this.

    Did anyone else hear about this when they purchased their Pre? I am weary about corporations keeping tabs on the public's activities. With all the sensitive information on people's phones how much would it be worth to anyone in the market of consumer's personal information?

    After watching Zeitgeist on Youtube for the second time I am untrusting. It's like the internet is going to be the next place that is controlled and censored. To do that the people who are in control of the other aspects of your life (Fox news and the media in general) are going to need to get involved with companies like Google, Apple and Palm who control a large part of the internet now.
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    Referencing "Zeitgeist" makes me take this with a grain of salt but you do realize that any time you do anything online (email, web, etc) you leave a trail, right? Email is stored on someone else's server. IP based traffic is inherently trackable. When you use a private commercial service you operate within the terms of the service. Nothing forces you do use those services and if you would prefer to live "off the grid" you're better off not using these technologies.

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