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    Looking for some help- the ***** at the store messed up my Palm profile email address. I won't go into the crazy story, but I spent 2 hours on the phone with Palm to try and fix it.

    Now I have a "verified" profile on the Palm website, but the Pre says I still need to verify. I click the resend email button, but NOTHING happens. I think I may have clicked it so many times it is locked up.

    The Palm support team says just wait, no problem, the servers are busy. I call BS.

    I have backed up my profile several times, but I don't see any options for restoring it. Do your verfied profiles show options for restoration?? I'm worried if I don't fix this problem between the server and PRE I will never be able to restore.
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    just trying to move up from the 4th page on the chat room..
    anybody want to check their palm profile? does it offer restoration on the device?
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    My pre still says I need to verify, and I cannot resend the email either. seems to be working fine though, so who knows.

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